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Velox by Ateïs – One step ahead of the game

Many municipality city strategists argue about Smart City concepts and what the future holds for this exciting, yet a diverse business idea. Many of them look at the energy saving or security part of the story; others look at expanding the business and market reach.

We at ATEIS look at it from the safety point of view, and our UAE based research and development team keep the focus on one simple question: “How can we make our life-safety systems part of the smart cities of the future?”

ATEIS Middle East FZCO, the first UAE manufacturer of fire detection and alarm systems, is doubling the size of its manufacturing facilities in Dubai Silicon Oasis. The new manufacturing plant is being equipped to manufacture the first UAE made VELOX TOUCH fire detection and alarm system panel and the innovative VELOX CLOUD, a world leading fire detection and alarm system based on IOT “Internet of Things”.

We believe VELOX CLOUD is simply the future of fire detection and alarm systems.

VELOX TOUCH is not just a new fire alarm control panel; it is constructed with the latest technology chipset. Its state of the art processor adds great features to the fire detection including Multi-lingual operating systems: English, Arabic, French, Turkish, etc. however, the primary purpose of this processing power is to have the enough processing capacity for the future smart city applications. VELOX CLOUD is what we believe will be the next generation of fire detection and alarm systems.

Today VELOX CLOUD is not just a concept; it is already a reality. We are linking wireless mesh fire alarm panels over a citywide application, and allowing the control from the palm of the user. The VELOX CLOUD is equipped with AI “Artificial Intelligence” making the service of fire or fault identifications easy tasks to handle. We believe it is simply the future of fire detection and alarm systems.

To conclude of what VELOX CLOUD can do:

  • Smart city connectivity over 868MHz IOT. “Internet of Things.”
  • Integration capability with Smart Street Lighting as one CLOUD Service.
  • Fully monitored GUI “Graphical User Interface” in the palm of your hand.
  • Monitors smoke and heat intensity via the VELOX smoke detectors connected to the VELOX TOUCH fire alarm panel.
  • Pinpoints the fire incident location and fire spread
  • Comprehensive maintenance over any smart device or PC, with all records, logged and archived on the VELOX CLOUD.
  • Over 10,000 VELOX TOUCH panels can be connected to a single gateway.
  • Each VELOX CLOUD gateway can communicate over GSM, LTE, GPRS, or simply Ethernet.

ATEIS Middle East is proud that the VELOX CLOUD is ready to ship today!

For more information, go to www.velox.ae

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