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3D View of the property integrated with VELOX CLOUD technology.

Velox by Ateïs – Determined to shape the future of life safety worldwide

By 2020, there will be more connected devices than we have ever expected, everything is becoming connected or needed to be connected. There are big arguments about how feasible to connect life safety equipment’s, Fire Alarm, Voice Alarm, and many other devices. However, whether we like it or not, the new era of CLOUD and connected devices are knocking on our doorsteps, it is indeed emerging a new era of technology.

We at VELOX do believe “connected” is the way forward for life safety. Based in the home of innovation “United Arab Emirates, Dubai” we started our smart connectivity initiatives early in 2012. We needed to establish the connectivity from its core, all the way down to the cover the complete stack of IOT.

The journey did start with manufacturing of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems. Today, VELOX is one of the leading brands in the region, synonymous with innovation on the table of leading fire detection brands. We proud to be the first fire detection manufacturer in the UAE, and in the region, with more than 65 specialized engineers, research & development in-house, the VELOX team are determined to shape the future of life safety worldwide.

Wireless VELOX TOUCH Fire Alarm Control Panel.

Wireless VELOX TOUCH Fire Alarm Control Panel.

We recorded our first patent in “Micro Power Technology” with our loop powered sounders which consume as low as 0.8mA of current. This little energy enabled our new Sounders to connect more than 200 Sounders on the fire detection loops essential requirements for the future connected devices. The revolution in MPT “Micro Power Technology” did continue to evolve the Fire Detection flasher, and for the first time , our new flashers consume as little as 2mA at the same time covering a room of 10mx10m, and fully compliant with EN54 regulations.

In 2017, VELOX took another leap in innovation by introducing the VELOX TOUCH fire detection panel, with TOUCH capability, and nine loops fitted in a 40cm x 40cm enclose to be one of the smallest fire alarm control panels in the market, compared to its capacity. Each Fire Detection panel can accommodate 2,160 devices on its nine loops.

To add on the top of that, we connected all these panels on a new era of smart mesh technology, and we named it VELOX CLOUD. This new mesh connectivity, allows the VELOX TOUCH and VELOX fire panels to be a smart device, connected with each other over an 868MHz mesh technology. The entire echo system is built around IIOT “Industrial Internet of Things” putting the fire alarm detection on a new era of innovation altogether.

The VELOX CLOUD can accommodate more than 10,000 panels on a couple of nodes, allowing the transfer of all the vital data on the network, and not only limited to the Fire and Fault signals that conventional systems can provide. With the VELOX CLOUD App, the user can access each device and detector on the fire alarm panel virtually and allows to perform the maintenance needed remotely, and in full compliance with the EN54 and Civil Defense requirements. All the reports and data are archived virtually. The system allows the user as well to explore satisfaction reports, which can record how best the maintenance company is serving the installed system.

We at VELOX do believe that the CLOUD will be the next way forward for advanced fire detection and alarm systems. The VELOX and ATEIS journey has just begun with the smart connected fire detection side of the business. However, we do believe that the future of smart connected devices will be the essence of the new life safety solutions.

For more information, go to www.velox.ae

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