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The online gas measurement system B-DETECTION monitors the quality of the breathing air produced. It is available in two versions: PLUS i, fully integrated into the compressor system, and the standalone PLUS s for wall mounting. Automatic, continuous and outstandingly reliable.

Compliance with the limit values of the DIN EN 12021:2014 Breathing Air Standard can be monitored at all times by checking the display of the B-CONTROL MICRO compressor control unit. The system measures the oxygen, CO and CO2 content of the air, with optional measurement of absolute humidity and residual oil (VOCs)1 in compliance with DIN EN 12021:2014 (Breathing Air Standard). When limit values are exceeded, the unit displays a visual warning and shuts down the system before contaminated air can pass into the cylinders being filled. Any infringements of limit values are logged by the B-CONTROL MICRO system control unit and can easily be exported as an Excel file using a standard SD card. In cases where limit values are briefly exceeded, an automatic flush valve (optional) discharges contaminated air to the outside without interrupting the operation of the system. Measurement uses high-quality smart sensors with continuous self-check function, ensuring users can rely on the accuracy of the measurement results. An optional humidity membrane can be added to maximise sensor life.
BAUER’s B-DETECTION PLUS provides operators with the maximum security concerning health and legal liability issues.

1 Residual oil measurement based only on volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Sensor calibration based on isobutene.

For more information please visit: www.bauer-kompressoren.de
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