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Task Force Tips

Task Force Tips

Delivering high volume water streams for firefighting, cooling or foam applications can often be a challenging operation when traditional portable monitors or hand held nozzles cannot be placed into service.

Today, the new Hemisphere® Transportable Monitor, flowing 500 gpm (2000 l/min), can be easily and safely attached to I-beams, petrochemical storage tank lips, construction scaffolding, or any stable pole or pillar. With the Hemisphere’s unique rotational capabilities, water streams can be directed up, down or fully side to side. The unique design provides the operator with a full “hemisphere” of range to manage any emergency situation.

The Hemisphere® Transportable Monitor includes an integrated locking shutoff valve and multiple safety mechanism to prevent unintentional or unwanted movement during operation. Weighing only 22.6lbs (10.2kg) the lightweight and compact size allows it to be easily carried or stored in a fire apparatus storage compartment.

For addition information on this high performance firefighting appliance, go to YouTube and search Hemisphere Overview.

For more information go to www.tft.com

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