Hochiki life-safety devices reduce false alarms and help make the 75km-long Dubai Metro transport network safe for passengers
Famed for its luxury shopping and extraordinary architecture, the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is home to over 3.3 million people, and the world’s longest driverless single metro line – the Dubai metro. Designed to take up…
Continuing Surge in Middle East New Rail Projects

When the £4.5 billion Dubai Metro was opened in 2009, it was the world’s most integrated and technologically advanced urban and the largest automated driver-less train system. Initally operating with 70 kilometres of running track and 47 stations, nine of…

Gulf Fire is the only quarterly journal specific to the Middle East Fire market dedicated to both fire protection and firefighting. The editorial features are written by industry experts and comprise a unique blend focussing on the latest technology, training methods and equipment as well as highlighting sector specific issues from around the region. Regular product and company profiles, events updates and news make Gulf Fire Magazine the first choice read for fire protection and firefighting professionals.

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