Petroleum storage tank facilities – Part 2

In the previous installment we talked about the types of petroleum storage tanks. In this article we will discuss the various types of fires and the fire protection methods available. In the last article it was mentioned that different types of…

Overfilling tanks: Disasters and prevention

The recent 3-part article by Shelley and Tarantino said “Overfill ground, dike, or bund fires result from piping or tank leakage. This may be caused by operator error, equipment or instrument failure.” Filling the tank to the point of overflow,…

Petroleum storage tank facilities – Part 1

In today’s fire service we tend to focus our pre-planning and trainingfor the “bread and butter” operations that we encounter daily. These ‘bread and butter’ operations are generally single and double residential structure fires, multiple family structure fires, hi-rise commercial…

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