Increased fire risk in vehicles during the hot summer months

According to NFPA Fire Analysis & Research, “U.S. Vehicle fire trends and patterns 2010” – 70% of the fires in buses originate from the engine compartment, 12% originate from the passenger area of the vehicle. The majority of fire cases…

Fire sprinklers and fluorine free foam

With ever increasing pressures to remove fluorinated foams from the marketplace, one segment in particular seems to have been overlooked especially with governmental regulators who oftentimes have legislative desires that exceed the technology that is currently available. That market segment…

Fire suppression for electrical cabinets and data panels

Almost everything we do relies on technology. From how we communicate to how we are entertained and find answers to problems, technology plays an integral part. And behind the scenes, powering our ability to connect the devices in our hands…

Cost Evaluation of black steel pipe vs galvanized pipe when using a nitrogen generator

The benefits of using nitrogen gas over compressed air in dry and pre-action systems as a means of controlling corrosion as well as ice plugs in freezer applications has been well published. Nitrogen is an inert diatomic molecule that’s key…

Dispelling common myths about nitrogen generators

There is a growing emphasis on the construction of new data centers and cold storage warehouses across the Middle East, and corrosion has long been the enemy of the dry and preaction sprinkler systems that protect these spaces. Nitrogen as…

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