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The AT-STINGER is the new flagship of the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, and also represents yet another demonstration of the innovative capacity of Rosenbauer. The AT-STINGER was designed jointly with the British fire service and combines municipal and industrial fire fighting technology in a highly efficient and flexible, first attack vehicle. The beating heart of the superstructure is provided by a Rosenbauer NH pump with integrated foam proportioning system, while on the roof is a Rosenbauer Stinger extinguishing arm, which as a rule is employed in ARFFs and industrial fire trucks and can be rotated in every direction.

The AT-STINGER enhances considerably the operative capacity of the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service at a stroke. The vehicle will be called to all fire and technical emergencies and can launch an attack immediately from an elevated position. For this purpose, the Rosenbauer STINGER can be extended hydraulically to a maximum length of 16 m. Furthermore, hydraulic riggers ensure sufficient stability during extinguishing operations.

Located at the tip of the extinguishing arm are the RM65 monitor, which from any position can emit a maximum of 4,000 l/min, and the Rosenbauer piercing tool that offers extinguishing performance of 1,000 l/min. The Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service intends to use the tool to break through roofs and thus fight fires in the underlying structure. Moreover, the tool can also be utilized in support of a breathing apparatus team during room fires. For example, a window can be pierced and the room temperature lowered with the water jet before the team moves in to carry out the actual attack.

For more information, go to www.rosenbauer.com

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