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UCLan PROTECT specialising in the support of high risk (COMAH) industries.

PROTECT – Shaping the future of emergency and crisis management

The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) has been providing education, training and support for industry since 1828. Today the University is a large modern university with a truly international focus. The University of Central Lancashire has made a significant contribution to international higher education for many years; with strategic partners in the Middle East, Mauritius and China and a branch campus in Cyprus.

In 2015, the University was chosen as the educational partner by the Qatari Ministry of Interior to develop undergraduate and future postgraduate programmes, at its state-of-the-art Emergency and Safety College at Ras Laffan. This is providing a platform not just for developing undergraduate programmes, but also consultancy and short course provision, with a true focus on the GCC and MENA regions.

The University has a long-standing international reputation in the area of Fire Engineering and Fire Safety Management with provision in Hong Kong and the Middle East. In the UK, UCLan is recognised as a market leader in the provision of educational and training programmes in policing and related disciplines and has recently entered into a strategic alliance with Lancashire Constabulary making it truly a leader in education, training and consultancy relating to “blue light” services. Building on this, the University has launched its PROTECT range of emergency training, as they aim to make UCLan the number one Place for Resilient Organisations and Total Emergency Capability Training – PROTECT. These training, consultancy and advisory services are not limited to the UK – there is a strong recognition that to be truly effective they must be available in the work place and have global reach. PROTECT has been designed with this in mind, using European experts with considerable experience of working in the Middle Eastern region, bringing together a team of highly mobile trainers ready to bring their expertise to you.

Supporting industry

The University has a strong reputation for delivering positive impact on commercial projects and its ethos is to build strong partnerships for sustained success, delivering excellence through collaboration. An understanding of the challenges and pressures of the business world are brought together with the latest specialist expertise, research and applied practice from the world of higher education to achieve real results. The PROTECT team have an enviable portfolio of previous clients from across the globe, which include Nuclear, Oil and Gas, and Civil Defence organisations.

Consultancy services

The PROTECT team can offer a full range of consultancy services to ensure that companies are prepared for whatever the future may hold in store. This could take the form of a whole service review of organisational resilience, whereby they will undertake an independent review of your entire business continuity, crisis management, emergency management, professional development and emergency control centre operations. This would consist of a review of all relevant documentation, and interviews with internal and external stakeholders. At the end of the review you will receive an independent, confidential report which highlights good practice and any recommendations for improvement. You will also have confidence in those areas of resilience where you are well prepared, and a suggested way forward to improve any weaknesses in your arrangements.

Alternatively, a more focused desk top review of your emergency or business continuity plans may better meet with your current requirements. Whatever your needs, you can be assured that the PROTECT team will provide independent and confidential advice to ensure that your company is best prepared for the future.

UCLan PROTECT specialising in the support of high risk (COMAH) industries.

UCLan PROTECT specialising in the support of high risk (COMAH) industries.


Ensuring that your staff have the skills and knowledge to meet the demands placed upon them, and ensuring that the company is well placed to thrive whatever the future may deliver, is crucial to any organisation’s resilience.

Either table top or live exercises involving your own staff provide an excellent way to highlight existing good practice and provide recommendations for future improvements with advice on how to achieve them. These can be performed at either a company’s premises or venue of choice. The PROTECT team are experienced facilitators who specialise in emergency management. They are highly skilled in developing credible scenarios, directing training exercises and producing deep and insightful reports.

The University of Central Lancashire is highly experienced in developing bespoke short courses for a wide range of industries. Designed with employers and organisations, and reflecting different industry challenge, our courses offer flexible learning that can either be standalone or built into larger development programmes. Highly qualified staff are experienced practitioners in their own sphere of expertise and share their up-to-the minute knowledge with students. UCLan delivers more than 100,000 learner days to industry each year.

The PROTECT team have developed a range of short courses designed to support organisational resilience. These courses can be delivered either at your own venue, their Middle Eastern base in Qatar, or in the UK. They are pleased to be able to offer the following short courses but are always happy to discuss other courses to meet your individual needs.

  • Risk Management
  • Creating Emergency Plans and Arrangements
  • Creating Emergency Tests and Exercises
  • Creating Business Continuity Plans
  • Responding to Emergencies


UCLan is set to develop a range of educational programmes ranging from Advanced Diploma through to Masters level qualifications. The first of these is an Advanced Diploma in Emergency and Crisis Management will run at the state of-the art Ras Laffan Emergency and Safety College in Qatar commencing January 2017. The programme is wide ranging and covers topics such as emergency preparedness, business continuity, managing crowd-related emergencies, counter-terrorism and dealing with the media, to name just a few. The course provides a holistic and practical learning experience for anyone with an interest in emergency management and organisational resilience.

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