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Oshkosh Airport Products introduced its all-new Oshkosh Striker 8 X 8 aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) vehicle this spring. Powered by a pair of rear-mounted engines generating up to 1,540 hp, the Oshkosh Striker 8 X 8 is the most powerful and capable ARFF vehicle in the company’s history.

The matching pair of Scania rear-mounted, Tier 4F low-emission engines deliver up to 1,540 horsepower, driving all eight wheels, for faster acceleration. (Oshkosh and Scania collaborated to make one of the world’s leading engine manufacturer’s engines available on the new Oshkosh Striker 8 X 8.) The company’s industry leading TAK-4® all-wheel independent suspension and legendary all-wheel drive componentry are, of course, also part of the chassis package.

When the Oshkosh Striker 8 X 8 shifts into pump-and-roll, or firefighting mode, one engine is dedicated to the water pump and firefighting systems. These systems include triple agent capabilities, a wide selection of bumper and roof turrets, and an available structural firefighting package. The Oshkosh exclusive Snozzle® HRET, with a hardened carbide steel tip, perforated nozzle, and increased range of motion (up to 280º) enables firefighters to discharge from five feet below grade to elevations as high as 65 feet, giving the apparatus maximum versatility while keeping firefighters further away from danger.

For more information, go to www.oshkoshairport.com

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