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NAFFCO Introducing eco-friendly products

Responding to the ever increasing demand for environment friendly products, NAFFCO introduces green products that are 100% eco-friendly without sacrificing excellent firefighting capabilities. NAFFCO’s green innovations include the Eco Barid foam concentrate, Eco Barid foam fire extinguisher, and NAFFCOInert® Fire Suppression System.

NAFFCO Eco Barid Foam

A high quality fluorine-free foam which can be used at 1% to 6% concentration for different application. It can be used to extinguish fires caused by polar or hydrocarbon fuels. In addition to this ECO BARID is capable of extinguishing A, B,
D & F CLASSES of fire and is suitable for the use with most types of proportioning & discharge devices and performs excellently well when used with CAF systems. ECO BARID FOAM is 100% environmental friendly free from PFOA, PFOS & fluorine.


NAFFCOInert® Four Gasses, One System

NAFFCOInert® Fire Suppression System are safe, clean and a natural way to extinguish fire. NAFFCOInert® offers IG01, IG100, IG55 and IG541 Gasses with all the components needed to configure a complete system for 200/300 bar inert gas extinguishing agent Full range of cylinders with 67 80 and 140 litre capacities.

Inert Gas is a colorless, odorless, electrically nonconductive gas with a density approximately the same as air. Inert Gas is stored as pressurized gas within the cylinder assembly.

When discharged into a protected space, it is clear and does not obscure vision. It leaves no residue and has zero ozone depleting potential and zero global warming potential.

  • IG01 100% Argon
  • IG100 100% Nitrogen
  • IG55 50% Argon + 50% Nitrogen
  • IG541 50% Argon + 42% Nitrogen + 8% CO2


Eco Barid Foam Extinguisher

A multi-class extinguisher that quells fires of class A (wood, paper, fabric, refuse), class B (flammable liquids), class D (flammable metals), class E (Energized/Electrical fires) and class F (cooking oils and fats).

The Eco friendly Extinguisher contains a revolutionary foam that is fully bio-degradable. It is completely safe and ineffective to humans or animals, since it’s devoid of PFOS/PFOA or fluorine compounds that are highly toxic.


For more information, go to www.naffco.com

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