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LEADER designs and manufactures innovative and high performing equipment such as PPV fans and foam equipment dedicated to firefighting responses and Search equipment for USAR search and rescue operations.

LEADER will exhibit new products such as:

BATfan: Portable battery fan. Powerful, lightweight it is used for self-contained operation! 2 models: 20 minute runtime (23.5 kg) and 45 minute runtime (27.5 kg). It also runs on mains electricity and is multi-use for offensive, defensive and combined PPV operations.

Easy 2000: Large flow fan developed for smoke removal and cooling in large volumes such as underground parking lots, warehouses, buildings, etc… It blows 150 000 m3/h and is very mobile due to its low weight. It is available as a skid version (180 kg) or trailer mounted (325 kg).

LEADER Mix: Autonomous and automatic foam proportioner which allows precise proportioning for variable flows (200 to 1050 l/min) and different pressure (5 to 16 bar). It adapts itself automatically to the selected flow rate and proposes an accurate metering from 0.3% to 3%

LEADER Hasty: Combined Search camera with wireless Life detector dedicated to the search of buried victims. It is the world’s first and only true Hasty search system that combines search camera, listening and victim communication devices into one unit.

LEADER will also launch a new line of products at Intersec!!

For more information go to www.leader-group.eu

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