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Hainsworth Technology

With over 150 years’ experience weaving protective fabrics, Hainsworth Technology has extensive knowledge of the requirements of front line emergency service personnel. This, combined with an intimate knowledge of the properties of different fibres and yarns, led to the development of TITAN, a Hainsworth Technology, and its unique double cloth construction which maximises comfort, thermal performance, and durability.

Heat stress is the biggest global threat the health and safety of a firefighter. TITAN fabrics help minimise the effects of heat stress as they are breathable, lightweight and flexible allowing the wearer better manoeuvrability and regulation of temperature.

TITAN fabrics are not lightweight when it comes to heat and flame protection due to the patented TI-Technology construction. During exposure to heat and flame, the unique and innovative patented design of TITAN fabrics traps insulating air within the garment – a process known as ‘Active Air Entrapment’. This reaction increases thermal protection when it is needed, giving the wearer more time to react to your environment.

The unique and innovative double cloth construction of TITAN fabrics have been designed to maximise durability, extending the wear life of the garment, and reducing repair costs with excellent abrasion resistance and colour fastness. All TITAN fabrics have a high level of repellence to water, acids, alkalis, and gasoline due the addition of our high performance and proprietary REPEL+ finish, another innovative Hainsworth Technology. REPEL+ is designed to keep the wearer dry and comfortable without affecting the breathability of their gear, even after repeated washing.

For more information go to www.protectsyou.co.uk

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