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HAAGEN – More than just a ‘run of the mill’ training products manufacturer

We believe there’s a safer, more effective, and less costly way to prepare your people to face dangerous situations.  We know that you’re responsible for the safety of your entire community – from school teachers to seasoned firefighters and everyone in between. 

We’re committed to helping the global workforce learn the skills they need in unique ways. We believe that training is an escalating program that supports your people wherever they are on their training journey.  With our wide range of digital, live-fire products and facilities, your trainees can master the basics before building up to live-fire training – and beyond.  We can help you give them the right hands-on training – that aligns with your training objectives – to build the skills to move them further along this spectrum.

Because many of our products work together seamlessly, you can think of our tools, props and facilities as pieces of a bigger puzzle. You can add onto your existing program instead of buying new equipment every year as your needs change.  You can give your people the skills, knowledge, and experience they need today and in the future.  You can stretch your budget.  And best of all, you can get your people home safe.

ATTACK™ Digital Fire Training System.

ATTACK™ Digital Fire Training System.

HAAGEN’s portfolio includes some of the largest multidisciplinary fire training campuses in the world. You may recognise us for our large scale projects like the Melbourne Fire Training Centre, the Country Fire Authority’s mobile fire training fleet or the Shanghai Fire Training Centre. These training structures are completely customizable based on the needs of the department and include a variety of fire types from Class A, Class B and digital fire technology.

Digital technology is the future of fire fighter training. The ATTACK™ Digital Fire Training System combines digital flames, smoke and sound to create a range of fire conditions that respond directly to our digital nozzle or water hose line application. Training can be conducted with a seat of fire in acquired structures, training towers or any other location where live fire isn’t possible, practical or desired. Fire fighters can now train in the very buildings they are tasked to protect like schools and hospitals. This is becoming increasingly important as training has changed over the years. Many places do not allow live fire training within their borders and fire departments are choosing modern methods that are safer for the cities they protect, as well as themselves.

These methods of training are not only safer for the environment but safer for the fire fighters themselves. Extensive research has been done to conclude that the health risks of firefighters are elevated due to the exposure to harmful toxins and carcinogens. Our goal is to reduce these risks by providing a safer alternative to fire training.

For additional information on HAAGEN training tools and custom fire training centers, contact us at +31 (0)13 507 6800 or visit the company’s website.

For more information, go to www.HAAGEN.com

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