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Fire Eater win prestigious contracts with Kuwaiti Partners to install Fire Eater INERGEN® systems at different projects for Kuwait Oil Company

Manifold Group Trunkline (MGT) – this lump-sum engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) project, valued at approximately US$780 million, is integral to KOC’s plans to increase and maintain crude production over the next five years. Three new gathering centers (GCs), which form part of the broader project, are already under construction.

Due for completion towards the end of 2017, the MGT system will provide the feedstock to each of the GCs via three independent networks of intermediate manifolds and pipelines. Each of the three GCs will be capable of producing around 100,000 barrels of oil per day together with associated water and gas.

Fire Eater INERGEN® systems will be installed in seventeen substations with main and reserve directional valve systems. The total number of 408, 80 litre cylinders will be installed at 300 bar.
Gathering Centre 31 (GC31) – located 70km north of the beautiful city of Kuwait this project is valued at approximately US$ 809million, and is scheduled to be completed over a period of approximately three years. One of three gathering centres it is being constructed to support KOC’s plans to increase and maintain oil production over the next five years.

Fire Eater INERGEN® systems incorporating main and reserve directional valve systems with a total of 336, 80 litre 200 bar cylinders will be installed.
Lower Fars heavy oil development programme – with a total project value of more than US$4 billion, the scope of work covers greenfield and brownfield facilities and EPC. The project includes a pipeline of almost 162 kms which will transport the heavy crude from the central processing facility to South Tank Farm located in Ahmadi, from where KOC has the option to send it to the proposed Al-Zour refinery in the south of Kuwait. When completed and fully operational it is expected that Lower Fars heavy oil project will yield 60,000 barrels of oil a day.

Fire Eater INERGEN® systems incorporating main and reserve directional valve systems will be installed in order to protect 10 substations. A total of 852, 140 litre 300 bar cylinders will be installed. This will be the largest 140 litre cylinder installation of a Fire Eater system in the world.

Fire-eater and O&G (Al Dorra Group Company) first partnered in 2012 and the relationship has gone from strength to strength, O&G through hard work and efforts, have successfully gained local/end user approvals and in general raised the profile of Fire Eater INERGEN® systems throughout Kuwait.

In conjunction with O&G, Gulf Safety (Al Dorra Group Company) have also played a key role within the Kuwait market by providing a full range of fire protection services including design, supply, installation, supervision, commissioning and maintenance, and are also a certified Fire Eater service provider, offering full suppression support to projects.

“Working with O&G & GS is a pleasure and a true partnership, two companies working together as one to achieve success, both companies are driven by high levels of quality, engineering, and a professional approach to all aspects of business”
Says Jamie Anderson, General Manager (MENA Region) for Fire Eater.

INERGEN® consists of clean air gases; Nitrogen, Argon and CO2. It extinguishes fire by reducing oxygen levels from 21% to 12.5% within the area being protected. A Fire Eater INERGEN® system combined with early stage detection will effectively extinguish fire before it develops, preventing further smoke and water damage. INERGEN® is the only extinguishing agent that is not hazardous to humans when exposed, even in low oxygen concentrations from 10.1 to 13.1%.

For more information, go to www.fire-eater.com

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