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The DuraQuench system comes pre-plumbed and pre-wired for easy installation.

Fike DuraQuench – Versatile, affordable water mist fire suppression

Fike Corporation recently launched the DuraQuench pumped water mist system to respond to a growing market demand for simple, cost effective and environmentally friendly fire suppression systems. DuraQuench is designed to bring the benefits of water mist fire suppression to a wide range of markets and applications where water mist formerly wasn’t a cost-effective solution. The heart of the DuraQuench system is a skid-mounted pump, electric motor and pump controller. The unit can be plumbed directly to a building’s water supply or to a tank or reservoir. When connected to a building’s water supply, DuraQuench can provide an unlimited discharge duration – something not possible with “containerized” water mist systems that have a fixed water supply and which are often powered by compressed nitrogen gas.

Fike set out to solve three problems with DuraQuench, based on customer feedback: 1) High pressure water mist systems are often the most expensive special hazard protection option, surpassing even the cost of a chemical agent system, 2) High pressure water mist systems require highly specialized pipe or tubing, fittings and other components, all of which must be bought at a premium from the manufacturer of the water mist system, 3) High pressure water mist systems are complicated and difficult to design and install.

The K-6 nozzle provides protection of machinery spaces and turbine enclosures with as little as ¼ the water as of a traditional sprinkler system.

DuraQuench solves all three problems:

Price – The most expensive component on most high pressure water mist systems is a high-pressure positive displacement pump. DuraQuench solves this problem by using a more common centrifugal fire pump. These pumps are much lower cost and operate at lower pressures. Lower pressure equals lower cost.

Flexibility – Because it uses a centrifugal pump that operates at lower pressures (175 psi vs. 1,000 to 2,000 psi on a high pressure system), the DuraQuench system can use off-the-shelf pipe, tubing, fittings and other components. These components can be sourced locally, reducing lead times and further reducing cost.

Simplicity – DuraQuench systems can be designed and laid out using any off-the-shelf hydraulic flow calculation software. This eases the burden for system designers and engineers by eliminating the back-and-forth that often occurs with the system manufacturer as designs are modified and optimized. All the design work is done locally, increasing speed to installation.

DuraQuench has undergone testing by Factory Mutual (FM) and has attained FM approval for use in machinery spaces, turbine enclosures and light hazard applications. In machinery spaces and turbine enclosures, the low-flow, open-head K6 nozzle is used – with ¼ the water output of a conventional sprinkler system – greatly reducing the risk of collateral water damage.

For light hazard applications, such as offices, schools hospitals and data centers, the closed head OH-VSO nozzle is used. This nozzle uses ½ the water of a conventional sprinkler system, which also significantly reduces the amount of water damage done to the protected space itself, and to the water-sensitive assets often found in these types of spaces.

DuraQuench is an excellent option for retrofit situations, where there are concerns over running large diameter pipe through existing walls and ceilings. The DuraQuench system allows for the use of a wide variety of smaller diameter pipe and tubing, including stainless steel, copper and even CPVC. This minimizes the disruption and destruction that occurs when retrofitting a historical building or other space where it is important to minimize collateral damage during system installation.

The OH-VSO minimizes collateral water damage in light hazard applications with a water output ½ that of a traditional sprinkler system.

The OH-VSO minimizes collateral water damage in light hazard applications with a water output ½ that of a traditional sprinkler system.

DuraQuench includes a number of additional features that make it among the most cost-effective and flexible special hazard protection systems on the market today:

  • The largest FM volume approval in the industry – up to 162,800 ft3 – for machinery spaces and turbine enclosures
  • Total system cost 1/2 to 1/3 that of high pressure pumped, nitrogen driven and hybrid systems
  • Wet pipe, dry pipe and total flooding configurations
  • Ability to protect multiple zones with a single pump unit
  • Pre-plumbed, pre-wired pump skid that contains pump controller, pressure relief valve and test header

This combination of high performance, low cost and design flexibility make DuraQuench the leading solution for protecting machinery spaces, turbine enclosures, office spaces, historical buildings, diesel generators, switchgear rooms, transformer rooms and control rooms around the world.

For more information, go to www.fike.com

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