Issue 14 – April 2019

WillBurt NightScan Light Tower with 4x XL-200 LED fixtures shown. Light elevated to eliminate glare and improve visibility.
Bigger is not always better in the age of modern lighting technology

For the last 25 years, lighting manufacturers have been in a fierce competition to out-shine…

High rise building fire.
Improving the fire performance of external cladding systems

Following numerous and significant fires in the recent past, no one doubts the importance and…

The UAE Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice was updated in 2018.
Codes and standards – an international overview

The historical development of fire safety legislation, regulations, codes and standards has all too often…

Cairo Tower, Cairo, Eygpt: As the city’s most famous landmark after the Pyramids, the Cairo Tower is protected by an industry-leading fire system from Advanced.
Ensuring fire system effectiveness in historic sites

The threat and consequences of fire in any building are serious, but historic structures pose…

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