Issue 12

Addressable Notification – higher efficiency, greater flexibility.
Five things to know about the 2019 edition of NFPA 72

The 2019 edition of NFPA 72 is on its way. Are you ready for it?…

NCOC required PPG to offer a wide range of protective coatings and provide local technical and supply chain support.
PPG PITT-CHAR® – Passive Fire Protection for the global oil, gas and chemicals industries

Passive Fire Protection (PFP) coatings have become a permanent fixture in the oil, gas and…

Several Pi Foam pressure vessels protecting a ring-walled gasoline tank in the background at an Oiltanking facility in Central Europe.
Protection for installments in conflict zones

In recent years, sabotage missile or drone attacks on tank storage farms and refineries have…

Figure A – Flame Detector layout within HazMap3D showing 3 detector cones and 2D (insert) representation from printed report grademap.
Sour gas, rotten eggs – recipe for disaster

In this first, of a two-part article, Gemma Finnegan discusses the dangers posed by hydrogen…

Emergency Management

Emergency management has ancient roots. Early hieroglyphics depict cavemen trying to deal with disasters. As…

Gulf Fire is the only quarterly journal specific to the Middle East Fire market dedicated to both fire protection and firefighting. The editorial features are written by industry experts and comprise a unique blend focussing on the latest technology, training methods and equipment as well as highlighting sector specific issues from around the region. Regular product and company profiles, events updates and news make Gulf Fire Magazine the first choice read for fire protection and firefighting professionals.

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