Issue 10

Fire is the second leading cause of accidents in wind turbines.
The importance of fire suppression in wind turbines

Wind power is an exciting emerging sector that needs those of us involved in fire safety to get on board. As electricity generation becomes more reliant on renewable energy, wind power is becoming increasingly important in the energy mix. As our reliance on wind turbines grows, keeping them fully operational and at reduced levels of risk is becoming more important, and as a result, so is safety management. There are over 340,000 wind turbines around the world; yet the vast majority of turbines have no fire suppression system installed.

The fires in wind turbines not only lead to a loss of business continuity and a negative impact on the company’s reputation but also, most importantly, are a critical safety issue. Possibly harmful debris can drift into the wind in the event of a fire and there is also a significant risk to human lives. When turbines are under construction, commissioning maintenance and repair, escape routes for operators are often long and vertical.

Smoke curtain above escalator with side guides.
Design considerations when using smoke and fire curtains

If a fire breaks out, smoke spread is by far the biggest challenge. Thick black…

London’s fire chief calls for an end to the term ‘firemen’

Firefighters should no longer be called ‘firemen’ because it puts females off taking up the…

Vehicle extrication is rarely, if ever, carried out by a single agency.
Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.

The above quote is attributed to Henry Ford, who as most readers will know, became…

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