Issue 10

Tall tower fire safety tops the agenda

The annual Intersec Expo in Dubai in January 2018 was the 20th year of the…

The IFE Board of Directors and International General Assembly meeting, held in Stratford-upon-Avon, UK in March.
IFE GCC UAE Branch Update

It is pleasing to see that the Branch has again been able to run an…

Brigadier Rashid Khalifa Al Buflasa, Assistant Director General for Fire and Rescue at Dubai Civil Defence.
DCD looks to nanotechnology

Fires across Dubai will soon be a thing of the past, according to the Emirate’s…

Intersec 2018
Intersec 2018 – Concludes in Dubai with all eyes on exciting future

AI and robotics take centre-stage with new technologies changing security, safety and fire protection landscape…

Supervisor graphical monitoring and control software.
Mavili Elektronik – 30 years of experience offering solutions for fire and gas detection systems

Mavili manufactures high qualified products in its production facility located in Istanbul. The products are…

Pyroplex® timber door fire seals.
Pyroplex – A global fire protection force with local knowledge

At the forefront of the passive fire protection industry, Pyroplex Ltd is a powerful force,…

Fike® FK-5-1-12 canister.
Fike® – Enters FK-5-1-12 market equipped with Impulse Valve Technology

With its recent launch of chemical clean agent FK-5-1-12, Fike International Sdn. Bhd. now features…

Fire in a wind turbine 28.08.2016 in Isselburg, Germany.
Fire safety in wind turbines – there is more to know

Wind power is an important and growing source of renewable energy in Europe. Due to…

UAE / UK High Rise Building event – follow up

In the January issue of Gulf Fire we reported on the roundtable event exploring high…

Supporting personal in the operation of portable firefighting equipment whilst testing the firefighting water main capability.
UCLan meeting the requirements of High Hazard Industries

Since the official launch of UCLan PROTECT in September 2017 this innovative and holistic approach…

Construction companies that comply with Dubai’s new Fire and Fire Safety Code, and defacto with other international standards including EN 54, are minimising risk to workers on site and protecting their client’s asset.
UAE: Improving fire safety on construction sites

Here Paul Henson, Sales and Marketing Director at Ramtech Electronics, looks at why Dubai Civil…

PPE being professionally cleaned at Total Safety in Spain.
Keeping it clean

The provision of cleaning and maintenance services for firefighter PPE varies greatly around the world.…

A wood pallet (left) sits next to a “nestable” plastic pallet. Idle nestable pallets can be stacked on top of one another to save space.
Cellulose or plastic? It’s not just about shopping bags

The vast product arrays that move through modern storage warehouses provide a constant challenge to…

The three façades tested during the Zagreb tests in March.
Fire safety of façades

Façade fires do not occur often, in comparison to other major structure fires only 1.3 – 3 % of the total number of structure fires [1], but relatively recently several high-profile façade fires have occurred around the world that have had major consequences such as the fires in the United Arab Emirates, Australia, China, France and the United Kingdom. [1-3]

These external fires spread rapidly from floor to floor and sometimes large parts of the whole building is engulfed in fire as became obvious in the very recent tragic fire in the Grenfell Tower in London in which 71 people died. This shows the importance to limit or delay fire spread to higher floors. Requirements built on large scale fire testing will decrease the risk of these types of fires together with quality systems to ensure that the buildings are constructed according to the tested construction. However, the recent fires and the continuous introduction of new materials and façade systems might call for an update of these tests and regulations.

Fire safety in marine applications poses unique challenges such as escape from a protected area and proximity of flammable materials.
When the stakes are high… fire protection for mission critical industries

Power utilities, data centres, critical control rooms, manufacturing plants, oil and gas rigs… in our…

New clothing solution with multi layered wicking barrier.
Stop cancer at the door!

International studies have shown that firefighters have a significantly higher risk of developing cancer in…

FireFighting Foam in use in an emergency spill situation.
Environmental selection and use of firefighting foams

The Australian fire protection industry has concerns with some regulatory approaches to firefighting foams, and…

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