Issue 8

The interior of a typical prison with a day room.
Tenability criteria in unique situations and atypical buildings

Tenability criteria for smoke control system in public buildings has become relatively standard in the…

Designing and constructing iconic buildings requires a fully integrated fire strategy covering the complete life cycle of the building.
Fire engineering and the international design process

The 2017 revision of the UAE Fire & Life Safety Code has reinforced the importance…

Firefighters conduct overhaul operations.
Class A Foam – A force multiplier in structural and wildland firefighting

As a largely misunderstood firefighting tactic, the use of foam has at times been confusing…

360 spherical imaging technology and applications

For many years the holy grail of photographers has been to create a visual experience…

PPE must fulfil different levels of safety e.g. thermal and chemical protection, fire retardance and water resistance.
Can lightweight PPE be truly safe?

The international PPE industry is changing, with lightweight garments increasingly coming to the fore. But,…

Knowing the behavior of the water stream inside the room and the effects on the gas outlet will help to apply the technique more efficiently.
Offensive fire attack – Variables that interfere with the fire gases outlet: Part 1

Offensive fire attack, or transitional attack, is an increasingly technique used in Fire Services around…

Figure 1 – Fire in a gas bus conducted as part of a reconstruction for the Swedish Accident Investigation Board
New risks for vehicles with alternative fuels

Fires in vehicles that are powered by alternative fuels when they are in underground facilities,…

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