Issue 7

New technology prospects from expos and forum events

During April last I had the privilege of attending the 7th Annual Fire Safety Technology…

Fire Engineering in the Middle East

Since our last Branch update there has been a lot of activity behind the scenes…

7th Annual Fire Safety Technology Forum UAE

This now well-established annual fire safety event was held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Dubai’s…

3D View of the property integrated with VELOX CLOUD technology.
Velox by Ateïs – Determined to shape the future of life safety worldwide

By 2020, there will be more connected devices than we have ever expected, everything is…

HAAGEN – More than just a ‘run of the mill’ training products manufacturer

We believe there’s a safer, more effective, and less costly way to prepare your people…

Lumi Plug-in showing the light boss with a blank plate fitted.
Lumi Plug-in – The emergency lighting system that will see the end to ‘cluttered ceilings’

The launch of Lumi Plug-in follows a long and very difficult journey that started following…

A Gin Pole was rigged by Montgomery Rescue Squad​​ to lift the rig from the car.
The 5 step discipline for overturns and underrides

Uprighting a loaded cement mixer, perhaps lifting the rear of a loaded van trailer is…

Firestop spray installed at a curtain wall joint. Installing the exact depth of spray per a UL/Intertek systems detail can be challenging. Also measuring the correct overlap onto the curtain wall and floor can be difficult as well.
Firestop tape – A new standard in firestopping

Firestop installers are in the life safety business. While firestopping is a key component in…

An example of the aftermath of a solar panel roof fire. Note that the undamaged solar cells are still producing dangerous amounts of DC electricity and have not been effectively isolated.
Solar panels and the DC danger zone – reducing risk factors – Part 2

In Part 1 of this article featured in the last edition we discussed the rise…

Cooling rings on storage tank.
Petroleum storage tank facilities – Part 2

In the previous installment we talked about the types of petroleum storage tanks. In this article…

Fire rapidly spreads vertically and laterally at this central London office block during this night time 20 Pump outbreak.
Fire outbreaks on modern tall towers

Over the last decade and more, major developments across the GCC and other Arab States…

Terminal on Fire.
Overfilling tanks: Disasters and prevention

The recent 3-part article by Shelley and Tarantino said “Overfill ground, dike, or bund fires…

Figure 1: Comparison of Environmental Impact of Halons and Clean Agent HFCs
Clean agent selection: Performance, human safety and environmental considerations

In this article we compare the performance, environmental impact and human safety of the clean…

Figure 3. Motor vehicle oil filters in unexpanded plastic wrappers. In this configuration, the metal outer case with paper filter and small amounts of plastic wrap likely make this a Class II commodity.
The influence of plastics in high piled storage – Part 2

The accurate classification of commodities in high-piled storage arrays is essential to successful fire outcomes…

Bus manufacturer Oghab Afshan is the first client to certify their fire risk mitigation process.
Fire risk management for vehicles

Fires in buses, trucks, construction equipment and other heavy vehicles are common around the world…

Scott Safety is proud to introduce Scott Sight; its revolutionary design integrates a lightweight camera and display in the firefighter’s mask, keeping the thermal image in view at all times.
Thermal imaging cameras

In high-hazard situations, firefighters need tools to help them assess their surroundings as quickly as…

Detailed testing of pipe collars.
An industry problem we can fix – misuse of firestopping products

Effective use of firestopping products is proven to play a critical role in containing fire…

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