AquaMist® Water Suppression Systems.
Water mist fire suppression – How less water has a big impact

Many buildings have specific areas that could benefit from using a water mist system. These…

One of the biggest up and coming uses for linear heat detection is the protection of the renewable energy industry.
Understanding digital linear heat detection

Linear heat detection has been around for almost 80 years but is still relatively unknown…

Firefighters demonstrate the flexibility and mobility of their TITAN 1260 garments.
The importance of standards and listening to the end user

Hainsworth Technology has been working with firefighters for more than 150 years. During this time,…

Several Pi Foam pressure vessels protecting a ring-walled gasoline tank in the background at an Oiltanking facility in Central Europe.
A new approach to extinguishing fires on combustible-liquid storage tank

One of the trickiest challenges a fire fighter will ever face is a full-surface blaze…

Figure 1. Cost of Data Center Outages [Ponemon Institute, 2016].
Data center fire protection: ensuring business continuity

The occurrence of a fire in a data center can lead to business interruption (“downtime”)…

Commissioning of large scale purchases takes time with planning and coordination to achieve the end results of proving the capacity and design of the equipment meets the expectations of the clients.
Buying high value equipment – The in’s and out’s of the procurement process

So, you’re in the market to make a purchase, maybe a large purchase at that.…

Acoustic detectors are non-contact gas leak detectors that recognize unique acoustic “fingerprints,” and are ideal for areas where there is risk for pressurized gas leaks. These detectors are suitable for harsh outdoor applications, unmanned operations and extreme temperatures. They are unaffected by fog, rain, and wind. The ideal acoustic detector accurately identifies the sound of a gas leak while ignoring other nuisance environmental sounds.
Meeting NFPA standards for flame, smoke and gas detection

Fire is one of the most critical hazards in any built environment, and industrial processes…

WillBurt NightScan Light Tower with 4x XL-200 LED fixtures shown. Light elevated to eliminate glare and improve visibility.
Bigger is not always better in the age of modern lighting technology

For the last 25 years, lighting manufacturers have been in a fierce competition to out-shine…

High rise building fire.
Improving the fire performance of external cladding systems

Following numerous and significant fires in the recent past, no one doubts the importance and…

The UAE Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice was updated in 2018.
Codes and standards – an international overview

The historical development of fire safety legislation, regulations, codes and standards has all too often…

Cairo Tower, Cairo, Eygpt: As the city’s most famous landmark after the Pyramids, the Cairo Tower is protected by an industry-leading fire system from Advanced.
Ensuring fire system effectiveness in historic sites

The threat and consequences of fire in any building are serious, but historic structures pose…

A manual call point would typically initiate a fire alarm activation immediately in a building. In a passenger terminal, these may be setup in conjunction with monitoring and response protocols, to have a time delay under C&E rules. This would help prevent false alarms that would otherwise initiate an evacuation of the terminal, leading to unnecessary disruption.
Cause and effect for an airport terminal building

The establishment of Cause and Effect (C&E) for an airport terminal building is more than…

When firefighters get fixated on physical tasks, it can impact their ability to see the big picture.
Twelve barriers that can impact situational awareness – Part 2

The research I have conducted over the past ten years has focused on the barriers…

The derailment of 74-car freight train filled with crude oil in Lac Megantic, July 6, Quebec, Canada.
Stop managing communications and manage the emergency

Interoperability is a key aim of emergency services around the world but one of the…

Leaking bushing turret.
Fast heat detection for fires on transformers

Electrical transmission and distribution systems are the heart of every economy. Demand for electricity rapidly…

More and more vehicles on our roads are electric or hybrid vehicles (EV and HEV) as there is a global transition to renewable fuels.
Fire protection of electric and hybrid vehicles

More and more vehicles on our roads are electric or hybrid vehicles (EV and HEV)…

Video-based fire detection in production facilities. Precise distinction of smoke and disturbance values.
Testing for Reliability – the VdS

In case of security and safety products in general, there is one ground rule: Security…

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