Monitor in recycling plant.
Remote-controlled fire monitors for fixed firefighting systems

The requirement for automated firefighting is continuously increasing. Remote-controlled monitors, especially in combination with automated…

The piston effect causes high airflow speed with peaks exceeding 20 m/s.
Early warning fire detection in underground stations

Based on UN’s world urbanisation prospects, the total amount of megacities – urban conglomerations with…

Action must be taken by companies to safeguard areas surrounding tank farms.
Ensuring effective fire detection and suppression in tank farms

Despite the introduction of new fire protection technologies and increasingly stringent regulatory standards, incidents such…

‘Fit for Purpose fire resistance’ whose responsibility is it?

The UK Building Regulations, Approved Document B adopts the standard time temperature protocol of ISO834-1…

Hangar with small aircraft.
Flame detection through the use of 3D mapping to aircraft hangars

In this first, of a two-part article, William Pittman, PhD discusses the challenges posed by…

Budapest test.
Modern safety technologies on high-impact mega-fires

During the latest decades, many parts of the globe have come across noteworthy and destructive…

Modern nitrogen generators are a cost effective, low maintenance, and safe tool in the fight against corrosion in dry and preaction sprinkler systems.
Cost Evaluation of black steel pipe vs galvanized pipe when using a nitrogen generator

The benefits of using nitrogen gas over compressed air in dry and pre-action systems as…

Toba in rough weather Desember 2000.
Fire protection of containers at sea

As new ships out of the dockyard boast ever greater capacities, container ship fleet sizes…

Stringent building codes impact the selection of methods, tools and equipment used for cutting, breaching and breaking.
Disasters in the developed world

Spending much of the last 30 years involved directly or indirectly in the rescue-equipment business…

Fires on other installations such as oil refineries are detected by outdoor flame detectors.
Detection systems for fire protection equipment

Fire alarm systems have over a century of existence, ever since Francis Robbin Upton developed…

The headline picture accompanying my article was the principle reason for so many views.
Airbag deployment during extrication

I have made a point of asking the question: ‘What is the most likely thing…

Typical Certification process.
Correct tools for assurance of properties of building materials

It is already more than 25 years since World Trade Organization has been working to…

Fully integrated fire detection systems can provide flexibility for future requirements.
How to select the right fire detection system

Across industries, fire detection system requirements have become more challenging. Making the right choice in…

Flame detector considerations.
Flame detector selection – effective viewing distance?

This article builds on our understanding of flame detectors developed in issue 151 of this…

In this example, this is a Bullard LDX TIC looking towards the fire room.
Thermal imaging – understanding high & low sensitivity

This short article is an attempt to clarify a few misconceptions in regard to fire…

Modern nitrogen generators are a cost effective, low maintenance, and safe tool in the fight against corrosion in dry and preaction sprinkler systems.
Dispelling common myths about nitrogen generators

There is a growing emphasis on the construction of new data centers and cold storage…

Various stakeholders gather at a recent NFPA Technical Meeting.
The value of standards development

Earlier this year, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) President and CEO Jim Pauley wrote a…

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