Major upgrade to Tresco Heliport Fire & Rescue Service

Tresco is a small, family-run island measuring approximately 3.5 kilometres by 1.75 kilometres wide! It’s…

Carbon Monoxide detection in parking garages

Nowadays parking garages have become widespread with increase of the population and vehicle usage. Parking…

Why an holistic approach is essential when designing fire protection systems

Paul Pope, Group Business Development Director at Global Fire Equipment (GFE), explains why taking a…

More safety against fire – EmiControls presents an innovative way of fire protection with water mist turbine

The Italian company EmiControls has been working on innovative fire protection solutions worldwide since 2011.…

Figure 1 Example of uncontrolled spread of the flame through façade. Madrid, Spain The Windsor high-rise fire and Hotel in Beijing (right).
Testing façade systems to BS8414 test series
The performance of cladding materials under fire conditions is crucial and should be considered in…
Firefighter from Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service.
In safe hands

Regulations and standards keep firefighters safe and provide reassurance that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is…

PYROVIEW thermographic camera in weatherproof enclosure.
Improvement of preventive fire protection at a tank farm
Tank farms are used for the storage of highly flammable and explosive substances; Consequently, preventive…
Aviation Training Center designed with WinTecCon support.
The challenge when designing a state of the art training facility

To fulfill the daily requirements as a firefighter or first responder of an agency, methods…

Certified Pendant and Upright Non-air Aspirating Sprinklers.
Fire sprinklers and fluorine free foam

With ever increasing pressures to remove fluorinated foams from the marketplace, one segment in particular…

Figure 7: FOV cones for six iVFD–type 2 detectors arrayed to cover the model hangar.
Flame detection through the use of 3D mapping to aircraft hangars – Part 2

In the previous edition of Gulf Fire Magazine, we discussed the challenges posed by aircraft…

Fig. 1: Tank farm fire at Deer Park, Texas, USA.
Use of foam for firefighting in tank farms of the oil and petrochemical industry – Part 1

Tank farm fires in the oil and petrochemical industry do not occur often. When they…

What is your size-up? 18 wheeler accident involving several hundred gallons of alcohol.
Sizing-up hazmat incidents

In the world of fire and emergency services, hazardous materials incidents have some of the…

Typical multi zone fire suppression electrical cabinet installation using the latest technology from Reacton.
Fire suppression for electrical cabinets and data panels

Almost everything we do relies on technology. From how we communicate to how we are…

The commercial fire alarm inspector certification assesses the candidate’s knowledge of fire alarm control unit installation and wiring methods.
Fire alarms and sprinklers: Verifying technical competency

Are you fully satisfied the fire sprinkler or fire alarm test reports you receive are…

Building mind power to create strategies for whole well-being

It’s a silent mayday. For those who have worked in the fire service for any period, you know many who experience burnout, compassion fatigue, anxiety, depression, and many other forms of mental health challenges. A lack of understanding in how to effectively address these matters has led to an increase in mental/nervous injuries. Sadly, as a result, we have seen a significant increase in suicides in the recent years.

Permalevel® MULTIPLEX installed in a FM200 Cylinder Room.
Are you being passive toward active fire protection?

After four years of Coltraco Ultrasonics’ continued efforts to make the ‘ungoverned space’ in the…

Wrexham Mineral Cable Fire Test – Mineral Insulated Cable vs Fire Resistant Conduit Cable showing covered flexible conduit under fire test.
Choosing the right cable can reduce the number of fire-related deaths?

During 2018-2019 there were nearly 45,000 primary fires or incidents of fire in dwellings and…

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