Figure 1: Remote controlled FireDos M2 fire monitor with manual backup on standby in recycling facility.
Automatic extinguishing solutions in recycling facilities and incineration plants utilizing heat detection

With a growing awareness towards the environment and resources, the amount of recycling and incineration…

FIELDEX for IER of CHN-1 (China International USAR Team).
Classified Light USAR teams to take part in international humanitarian assistance from 2021

In international Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) missions, the well-trained and competent USAR teams from…

Smoke detection and control, emergency lighting, logistical support and signage are all important factors in managing hotel evacuation.
Hotel fire safety

Modern hotels come in various shapes and sizes and are often part of more complex…

AV-8B Harrier making a VTOL landing out at sea.
Back to basics – the importance of the point man during ground emergencies

Say what you want about ARFF operations but for the majority of my career I…

Training evolution with the storage tank simulator using a F3 foam.
Transition to fluorine-free foam – a ‘drop in’ replacement?

Since the prohibition of the production of PFOA (C8) based foam concentrates back in July…

Fire detection and alarm products must be CE marked to be legally sold or placed on the European market.
Why accreditation is vital when specifying fire detection systems

This feature explores the complex issue of EN 54 product certification and highlights the potentially…

ADR / IMDG Carriage & Warning Labels (c) 2020
The hazards of oxygen, oxidising agents and organic peroxides

For the firefighter and emergency services, understanding oxygen, its properties and those of its compounds…

Esteri ASL open water test.
High-performance pump moves on land, at sea and in the air

The latest innovation by Esteri Group, Finland’s most comprehensive operator in the firefighting and rescue…

Substation fire – Choosing the correct transformer fluids is pivotal to the safety of the wider environment. Image courtesy of MIDEL
The growing threat of the world’s ageing transformer fleets

An underground fire which led to a partial evacuation at Newark Liberty International Airport on…

The fire sprinklers of today remain very similar to the ‘Grinell’ model.
The history of the fire sprinkler system – Part 1

Did you know that the concept of fire sprinkler systems has been around for several…

MSA Bristol’s XFlex PPE and RescueFlex jacket with Gallet F1 XF helmet.
MSA Bristol: Expert protection from head to toe

The new year marked a new era for two of the most respected and well-established…

Illuminating smoke conditions and the fireground.
Illuminating the scene

One of the easiest tasks to overlook at emergency incidents is providing adequate scene lighting.…

The use of flame-free copper press fittings provides a secure, ‘greener’ jointing.
Flame-free fittings – ‘a safer alternative’

How flame-free HVACR fittings can deliver safety, health and cost benefits compared to traditional brazing.…

Thermal Imaging – why is today’s technology better?

When Infrared Technology (Thermal Imaging) was first introduced into the Fire Services in the late…

Many Building Codes require Steiner Tunnel testing for all interior finish materials.
What is the difference between tunnel test methods?

Through the years, regulatory bodies in the United States, the Middle East and Canada have…

LUKAS Spreader SP 300 E (2010-2014) of the first eDraulic generation in use.
Battery-powered rescue tools

‘This is much heavier than our previous equipment.’ ‘What do I do if I forget…

E2S D1xB2 and D2xB1 beacons, up to 1,250 effective Candela measured light output.
Understanding effective audible and visual alarm notification

Whilst personnel are required to be in and around hazardous locations the demand for effective…

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