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Bodytrak for Firefighters

Bodytrak is the first of its kind, non-invasive, in-ear body monitoring platform that measures multiple physiological factors – CBT, HR, Vo2, motion, respiration. It is the first to monitor Core Body Temperature without a the need for a pill (very invasive and expensive).


It provides data in real time to optimise the performance of emergency services and rescue personnel (clear USP for firefighters but also health workers in dangerous situations), to prevent illness and death – in training but also in emergency situations. Bodytrak has received a host of funding including from Innovate UK and is now in trials with a number of organisations.

Bodytrak has been designed for use in high pressure, emergency situations, to improve performance and prevent illness through ongoing, real time monitoring of the body -particularly where personnel are being tested to their limits. By being able to track performance in real time, trainers can identify issues early, modify programmes to suit individual workers, speed up rehabilitation which will keep them in the field for longer.


Data is collected in the cloud for deep analysis, to feed into and tailor training programmes designed to maximise the strengths of a team/squad.

For more information, go to www.inovadesign.co.uk/products

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