Spencer Creek
Spencer Creek
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Spencer Creek has served in Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue for the last 21 years and currently manages three remits: Commercial Trading, National Resilience and Technical Response. He has completed Operational Service at both the Lincoln fire stations and was one of the first Watch Commander Supports before moving into the Training Department where he developed the Operational development programme for Crew and Watch Managers. Spencer has been instrumental in exercise planning in recent years, and was part of the management and facilitation team for Exercise Georgiana which was designed to test National Response to a Rail Crash on the East Coast main railway line amongst many others. He organised Lincolnshire’s response to the National deployment of Flood Resources to the South of England in 2014.

Training for Fire & Rescue personnel and other responders

Integrated Risk Management planning has changed the way Fire and Rescue Services plan and deliver their training. Once upon a time, the Fire & Rescue Service had to be prepared to do the best they could to provide assistance at…

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