Paul Gibson
Paul Gibson
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Paul Gibson is International Sales Manager with Bristol Uniforms.

Bristol in the Gulf

Paul Gibson, International Sales Manager at Bristol Uniforms, looks back on more than 40 years of supplying firefighting PPE to the Gulf countries, and the strong relationships it has formed with distributors in the region. Bristol Uniforms is a company…

Take the heat

Heat Stress is a potentially fatal condition caused by a dangerous rise in core body temperature. The healthy human body maintains its internal temperature at around 37°C, but a rise of just 1°C to 38°C is enough to cause significant…

Fit for action

When designing PPE for firefighters, providing protection against the dangers of fire is of course paramount. Thanks to the work of leading international fibre and fabric manufacturers, there are now several highly specialised materials available on the market offering a…

Firefighter PPE procurement – the essentials

As high performance technical garments, firefighter protective clothing is required to deliver levels of protection and wearer safety which not only need to satisfy national and international performance standards but also trust in its integrity by those whose health, safety,…

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