Mark L Robin
Mark L Robin
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Mark L. Robin is Senior Technical Services Consultant, Specialty Fluorochemicals at Chemours.

GWP 101: Global warming and the impact of hfc-based clean fire suppression agents

In this article we examine the concept of global warming potential (GWP) and its implications on the use of HFC-based clean fire suppression agents. GWP: What Is It? No other issue related to the clean fire suppression agents is more…

Clean agent selection: Performance, human safety and environmental considerations

In this article we compare the performance, environmental impact and human safety of the clean fire protection agents. The impact of the Kigali Amendment on Middle East markets is also detailed. Performance considerations Inert Gas Agents. The inert gas agents…

HFC-based clean fire extinguishing agents: Implications of recent legislation

Since the publication of our article Update on Environmental Regulations and the HFC-based Clean Fire Extinguishing Agents in the September 2015 issue of International Fire Protection, new environmental regulations have been introduced. In this article, we discuss the implications in…

Marine Applications of Clean Agents

Of all the perils at sea, one of the most dangerous is fire. Difficult to deal with and potentially deadly, a fire at sea leaves the crew and passengers caught between two unforgiving elements. There’s no local fire department to…

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