Manuel Acuña
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Manuel Acuña is a graduate in theoretical physics from Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He has worked as R+D director in Auxquimia developing several firefighting foam concentrates (among them, the first AFFF-AR 3x3 in the market). He also investigated forest fire retardant technology, Class A products, alcohol-resistant foams without fluorine, and very concentrated AFFF and AFFF-AR products. Author of a patent over a low viscosity dispersion of a xantham gum in a glycol/silica media that produces highly stable foam at 1% in seawater. At the same time, he compatibilized this work with a personal company called Mayal, about special anticorrosive water-based coatings, fireproof paints, and latexes. In 2002, he started VS FOCUM where he has developed an exhaustive range of firefighting foam concentrates, specializing in fluorine free products.

Quo Vadis fluorine free?

You have to take it for granted that fluorinated foam concentrates will not remain on the market for long. Environmental considerations doom their use, and they will have to be replaced by fluorine-free foam concentrates (FFF). For more than 60…

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