John Olav Ottesen
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John Olav Ottesen, Managing Director and founder of Dafo Fomtec AB, is a 53 year-old Norwegian with 30 years’ experience in the foam industry, spending 10 years at Tyco in various positions from the early 1990s until starting up Fomtec in Sweden in 2001. He caught the foam bug from day one and has been a student of all aspects of foam and foam systems from that day.

Is the transition to fluorine-free foams (SFFF) exposing deficiencies in our design and testing standards?

When the serious discussions started around 2010 about high-performance fluorine-free foams (long before we had added the acronyms of SFFF, PFF, FFF or even NFF) one of the common lines we heard from the industry was that foams without fluorochemicals…

Meeting the challenges of transitioning to Fluorine Free Foam agents

With some of the largest oil, gas and petrochemical complexes, multiple power stations powered by hydrocarbon fuels, and some of the busiest airports in the world, the Middle East Region is also one of the largest users of firefighting foam…

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