Eliot Sizeland
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Dr Sizeland’s involvement with fire and gas detection dates back to 1991, and his last year project of his undergraduate degree. Dr Sizeland graduated from the University of Wales, Swansea, Faculty of Engineering with a Bachelor’s degree and received his PhD working with semiconductor gas sensors at the University of Southampton in 1995. Dr. Sizeland is a Chartered Engineer and member of the UK Institute of Measurement and Control.

Optical flame detection and field of view 

Many flame detector manufacturers look to develop products with unique specifiable features that customers value. As part of the product development cycle, engineering specifications are developed to make it challenging for other manufacturers to match the specification. As with most…

An innovative flame detector solution for helidecks and aircraft hangars

Applications that demand heightened immunity to false alarms include the use of helicopters offshore and aircraft hangars, both military and commercial. The Civil Aviation Authority publication CAP 437 ‘Standards for offshore helicopter landing areas’ has become an accepted worldwide source…

Flame detector selection – effective viewing distance?

This article builds on our understanding of flame detectors developed in issue 151 of this magazine by discussing the need for a method by which “real world” detector performance can be compared. At present flame detector performance is usually measured…

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