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Andy Starnes is a Level 1 Thermography Certified Instructor and founder of Insight Training LLC.

Thermal imaging: breaking down the scan – Part 3

Thus far, we have learned how to properly interpret thermal data during a scan, we have learned how to conduct a scan during size-up, and now we will complete this series by explaining how to scan the interior environment. These…

Thermal imaging: breaking down the scan – Part 2

In Part 1 of our article, we discussed the importance of proper interpretation of the image along with understanding the key attributes of thermal imaging. We also discussed some ‘behavioural problems’ that occur during a scan such as failing to…

Thermal imaging: breaking down the scan – Part 1

Firefighters must be trained to properly evaluate fire incidents based on training and by incorporating thermal data to enhance their strategies and tactics on the fireground. A thorough understanding of fundamental building construction, fire behaviour and thermal imaging combined will…

Thermal imaging – understanding high & low sensitivity

This short article is an attempt to clarify a few misconceptions in regard to fire service thermal imaging cameras. All fire service thermal imaging cameras automatically switch gains or sensitivity modes based on the following: The overall heat detected within…

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