Andras T. Peller
Andras T. Peller
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Andras T. Peller is a Director at Swiss Fire Protection Research & Development AG.

Should we rethink the protection of petrochemical tanks in light of the ITC Deer Park Fire?

After the ITC Deer Park Incident, the industry urgently needs to discover what went wrong and how is it possible that a relatively small fire escalated to an inferno that lasted almost four days resulting in the destruction of 11…

A new approach to extinguishing fires on combustible-liquid storage tank

One of the trickiest challenges a fire fighter will ever face is a full-surface blaze at a storage tank containing flammable fluid. Any grade-school student can deduce that water is useless in suppressing such fires because its higher density causes…

Protection for installments in conflict zones

In recent years, sabotage missile or drone attacks on tank storage farms and refineries have become more frequent and significantly more dangerous. These attacks have already caused billions of dollars in damages to the affected countries and the oil and…

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