David Munroe
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David Munroe is President and Principal at ACAF Systems. He has personally overseen creation, design and manufacturing of special hazard fire suppression systems using compressed air foam, and he has worked extensively on the development of CAFS systems with International Standards Organizations.

Why use CAF in ARFF?
Aviation has always been an industry with an increased potential for fire danger since powered aircraft have been used. Firefighting has an established history within this industry, since the first scheduled airline flights took place in the early 20th century.…

Gulf Fire is the only quarterly journal specific to the Middle East Fire market dedicated to both fire protection and firefighting. The editorial features are written by industry experts and comprise a unique blend focussing on the latest technology, training methods and equipment as well as highlighting sector specific issues from around the region. Regular product and company profiles, events updates and news make Gulf Fire Magazine the first choice read for fire protection and firefighting professionals.

Latest Issue
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