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Africa Fire Mission March update

Fire PUP (Purdue Utility Platform)

Very soon the first Fire PUP will make its way to Kenya.  Developed by Purdue engineering students, the Fire PUP will allow fires in rural and urban slum be contained or extinguished while fires are still small. 

check out the video >>   FirePUP


Executive Director update: Malawi
Malawi is one of most beautiful places in the world & also one of the poorest.  Landlocked in south-central Africa it is a heavily agrarian country that is prone to food insecurity (famine) and long-term power outages.

Nancy & I  visited Malawi for 3 weeks in May at the invitation of Namikango Mission to explore how Africa Fire Mission could serve Malawi and partner with Namikango as a way to help their mission connect to the community.

While in Malawi, we met with fire service leaders across the country to find ways AFM could minister to them.  We learned that in Malawi, a country roughly the size of Pennsylvania, there are only FOUR fire departments and roughly 200 firefighters.  Pennsylvania alone has over 1800 fire departments.  The country of Malawi has never bought any of their own fire trucks or fire equipment.  They have relied on aid from the UK & Japan but they wish to change this.  They wish to provide the services their communities need with the right kind of equipment.  The leaders are smart and know what it takes to move forward but they need support and encouragement – which Africa Fire Mission will be providing.  The fire service leaders were impressed by the CHE curriculum that AFM has developed and were thrilled that we were able to train and provide them copies of training materials so they could immediately go out in their communities and share the messages of both fire safety and God’s love.
Moving forward – as a first step – we have invited the fire service from Malawi to attend the 2nd All Zambia Fire Academy in Lusaka this September.  Zambia is a neighboring country and the Malawians are striving to emulate the successes that have occurred in the fire services across Zambia.  We are looking forward to connecting our partners in Zambia and Malawi together as we all work to collaborate and provide strong and effective fire prevention and response services that will keep people safe!


Polish Aid Organization partners with AFM
A providential encounter with a couple of Polish Firefighters while in Machakos, Kenya has led to a new partnership for AFM.  We are excited to be working with PCPM, Polish Aid, to accomplish our mutual goals of training and equipping firefighters to effectively serve their communities.  With grant funding from Polish Aid, Africa Fire Mission will be shipping and delivering hundreds of sets of firefighter protective equipment and training materials to firefighters all across Kenya this summer.

Watch Facebook for container loading dates as we will need volunteers in Cincinnati to help prepare for shipping this summer!

Thank you to our donors and volunteers who support Africa Fire Mission’s Vision for Sustainable & Capable fire departments across Africa.
Learn More > Read our Annual Letter

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